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Most likely you already use one or more cloud computing service in your company. Simply described, cloud computing is the flexible access to servers, storage, databases and applications over the Internet. Cloud computing can be the ideal complement to your business IT to solve standardized problems cost-efficiently and need-oriented. An example of a need-oriented, standardized cloud solution is our Modern Workplace offer.

Securely store, archive and restore data With data storage from the cloud, you can process all your unstructured data and easily upscale or downscale storage availability centrally as requirements change. You no longer have to worry about administration and only pay for the storage used. Deliver servers and software to users worldwide With support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server and more, getting server power from the cloud enables flexible virtualization of various computing solutions, such as for development and testing, running applications or expanding your data center. Host websites or web applications Deliver your web apps more rapidly to your users. Automatically scale web apps vertically and horizontally based on application performance or customizable rules to handle peak loads while minimizing costs at times of reduced workload. Analyze data and make predictions Create stunning visualizations with easy-to-use tools. Connect to multiple data sources, format and model your data, explore interactive visualizations, and then publish your valuable insights to your audience. Provide communication services With the Cloud, you can now realize solutions with Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to make calls by telephone, PC, Mac or mobile device, as well as virtual team meetings, live streaming and conference dial-in, which were previously only available to large companies. Take the initiative and open up new channels and opportunities in communication with your customers and partners. Connecting devices and machines Get a better overview of your devices, systems and sensors wherever they are located. Collect and analyze real-time device data using powerful remote monitoring solutions. Trigger automatic alerts and actions – from remote diagnostics to maintenance requests.

Ventoo as your Cloud Solution Partner

Whether you already use cloud computing services or not, Ventoo is a partner who can show you the capabilities of the world's largest cloud computing service providers. At Ventoo, we work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or IBM Cloud according to your needs in order to optimally implement the requirements derived from the business goals of your company. We not only support you in the selection and implementation of such services, but also create suitable interfaces to easily meet your management and compliance requirements.

Do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with our Cloud Solution Architects. Our team will be happy to elaborate intelligent solutions with you. Simply call +41 800 366 366 or send an e-mail to to discuss your ideas.

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