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Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

With Ventoo's Modern Workplace solution based on Microsoft 365, you can work from any location with the same digital capabilities as if you were in the office. You can complete your tasks anywhere, anytime and with the greatest possible flexibility in the choice of devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets.

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What is included in the Modern Workplace Bundle?

The Modern Workplace solution covers all central components (fileshare, mail server, collaboration and productivity tools) that you use in your usual IT infrastructure. At the same time, you benefit from the flexible scalability and security of the leading cloud infrastructure. In addition, industry- or company-specific software solutions can be integrated with optional cloud services. Complete Office Applications Your employees use the latest version of the familiar Office applications on their PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or with an up-to-date browser on the web. Exclusive support at a fixed price With the integrated Modern Workplace Support at a fixed price, your employees can have unlimited access to support when using the Modern Workplace. Leading data security and compliance With the integrated Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) solution, you can intelligently protect your corporate data while promoting secure collaboration. Collaboration via chat, conference and telephone call (VoIP) Use your existing telephone numbers via the integrated telephone system with Microsoft Teams on smartphones, PCs, Macs or classic desk phones.

The benefits of the Modern Workplace offer

The Modern Workplace offers your company a platform for productive collaboration in a team, reliable security for your company data and a up-to-date infrastructure at predictable, user-based costs. In practice this means for your company:
  • Productive collaboration: Your employees can use their smartphones, tablets, PCs, or Macs to access resources, files, and apps and communicate with each other via chat, video conferencing, and team meetings.
  • Reliable security: Your corporate data is constantly protected from new security threats and unintended data leaks can be prevented through controlled access to business data. In addition, your organization can leverage advanced compliance tools to meet regulatory requirements from the outset.
  • Up-to-date infrastructure: The Modern Workplace brings your corporate infrastructure up to date so that your employees receive the right tools while features and security updates are made available on an ongoing basis.
  • User-based costs: The costs are calculated per employee eligible to use the services and can be adapted to current requirements. Your costs are reduced to a calculable fixed price per workplace – including support!

The most important in brief

  • Modern Workplace means that you can securely access your applications and data with almost any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • With Ventoo's Modern Workplace service, you only pay for the services you actually use per user.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us in a free, non-binding First consultation to discuss the possibilities of the Modern Workplace in a personal conversation.
  • By the way, thanks to the integrated Ventoo Modern Workplace Support Service you and your employees can count on competent support at a fixed price.

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Request a free demonstration of Ventoo's Modern Workplace offering now.

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