Privacy statement

Last updated on: May 10, 2018.

When visiting the website under the domain (hereinafter referred to as "Ventoo website"), which is operated by Ventoo LLC (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Ventoo"), Ventoo and third parties collect various information about you and your visit to the Ventoo website. Below we show you which information is collected from whom and for what purpose and how you can prevent Google Inc. and other third parties from placing cookies on your computer or monitoring your behaviour on the Internet.

1. What information does Ventoo collect?

When you visit the Ventoo website, we automatically collect the following information about you and your visit: IP address (which allows us to determine your approximate location and, if applicable, your company affiliation and your Internet service provider), the computer system used for access (this includes information about the browser used, the operating system, the system language set, available technologies such as JavaScript, Adobe Flash and the screen resolution), the source of access (i.e. which link you have chosen to access the Ventoo website) and which pages and documents of the Ventoo website you have accessed.

We also use so-called cookies when you visit the Ventoo website. These are small files that allow us to identify you as a returning visitor on future visits. It also allows us to reassign your preferences and details on the Ventoo website, such as your language choice, to fill out forms for you, for example. Furthermore, cookies are used to combine information about you over several visits for the purposes mentioned under point 2.

In addition, you can voluntarily provide information about yourself on various pages and documents on the Ventoo website via web forms (e.g. to enable us to contact you or to order documents). We treat this information confidentially and we will not pass it on to third parties without your express consent. We do reserve the right to pass on this data for legal reasons.

2. For which purpose is this information collected by Ventoo?

All information we collect from you when you visit the Ventoo website is used for the following purposes: Analysis of the use of the Ventoo website (which page is visited how often by whom, how long you remain on the individual pages, on which page you leave the Ventoo website), analysis of the geographical origin of the users of the Ventoo website, automatic individualisation of offers (this particularly concerns access from company networks or adjustments to compile regional offers).

3. What information is collected on the Ventoo website by third parties and for what purpose?

3.1 Information Collection by Google Inc.

The Ventoo website also uses Google Analytics and Google AdWords from Google Inc, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google Analytics is a web analytics service which transfers the information mentioned under the first title to Google Inc. into the USA to analyse the use of the Ventoo website. This does not affect the information you voluntarily provide as mentioned in section 1. Google AdWords is an advertising network used by Ventoo to display Ventoo advertisements on different websites on the Internet.

Google Analytics and Google AdWords save additional cookies on your computer in addition to the cookies used by Ventoo in order to be able to remember you as a visitor to the Ventoo website. The cookies set by Google AdWords are used to display individualized ads on pages of the Google Advertising Network (so-called remarketing).

In addition, the cookies stored by Google Inc. on your computer are used to analyse your surfing behaviour on Google's websites and the websites of the Google Advertising Network and to display you customised advertisements from us.

Furthermore, Google Inc. reserves the right to transfer this collected information to third parties if this is required by law or if third parties process this data on behalf of Google Inc.

You can find out how Google Inc. handles collected data in the privacy policy of Google Inc. which can be accessed under the following link:

3.2 Information Collection by Recruiterbox Inc

For efficient processing of job applications, we use a software on the Ventoo website to support staff recruitment. This software from Recruiterbox Inc at 739 Bryant Street # 206 in San Francisco, CA 94107, USA stores your personal data outside of Switzerland if you use our online application form. Please note that your data will automatically be forwarded to Recruiterbox Inc. when you call up the vacancies and apply. Ventoo has no knowledge of the content of the data transmitted. Ventoo GmbH limits access to applicants' data to the persons relevant to the selection process, depending on the progress of the application process. The applicants' data will be treated confidentially.

How Recruiterbox Inc. handles collected data can be found in the Recruiterbox Inc. privacy policy, which can be retrieved by following this link:

3.3 Information Collection by SendGrid

On the Ventoo website we offer a newsletter subscription service for Ventoo news and product presentations. These subscriptions are managed through SendGrid, Inc. 1801 California St, Denver, CO 80202, USA. The data collected by SendGrid will be used by Ventoo solely for the purpose of managing and providing the subscriber service.

Please refer to SendGrid's Privacy Policy to learn how SendGrid handles collected information. This can be viewed under the following link:

4. Prevent the use of cookies by Google Inc. and other third parties

If you want to prevent Google Inc. from storing cookies on your computer to show you personalized ads, you can disable this feature in the Ads Preferences Manager.

You can also visit the web site of the Network Advertising Initiative to specify which third parties participating in this initiative are allowed to store cookies on your computer.

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