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IT Consulting Services provided by Ventoo

With our consulting services, we can identify your company's individual path to an agile, demand-oriented IT infrastructure capable of supporting your company's value chain in a flexible manner. The objective is to create a foundation for your company that enables modern business processes, services and products while simplifying the ongoing adaptation of new technologies in the future. Ventoo's IT consulting services focus on four key areas:

IT Strategy & Business and IT Strategy Alignement What are supporting and what are enabling elements of the existing and future IT organization and architecture? What capabilities exist or need to be built to strategically use available resources? Business enablement and proactive use of technology What is the current and future involvement of business units in IT-driven projects? How are structure and culture, business processes and employees aligned with technology-supported business objectives? Business Intelligence and Data Analytics What are the possibilities for setting up data-driven value chains? Which unused data can be leveraged for research and development, purchasing, supply chain, marketing or sales? IT Architecture Design & Integration What is the best way to make existing and future IT architecture reusable, scalable and performant? How can heterogeneous IT landscapes be transformed into integrated platforms for the use of new opportunities?

IT Consulting for sustainable benefit creation

In our IT consulting services we attach particular importance to the anticipation of future regulatory framework conditions – especially in the area of data protection – and the dynamic integration of the competitive environment of our clients' technology suppliers. The overall objective is the creation of sustainable foundations and the long-term support of the entrepreneurial development.

What does your company get from the IT consulting services of Ventoo?

The core process of the service can be divided into five steps. The first step is the analysis of the existing business requirements and the environment. This is followed by an assessment of the company's strategic intentions. In a third step, the scenarios formation and high-level formulation of possible target structures and target processes follow. This provides the decision basis for the choice of the principal implementation path and the target state. The advisory process concludes with the creation and communication of the roadmap as a collection of parallel and sequential fields of action for the implementation of the IT-enabled strategy.

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